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Palandöken Ski Center is on Palandöken Mountain, covering an area of 70 kilometers long and 25 kilometers wide. It was declared as “Winter Tourism Center” in 1993. There are three ski resorts in this center: Erzurum (Hınıs) Strait, Konaklı and Gez Plateau. Erzurum Strait is also known as Palandöken Ski Resort. There can be found two runways registered by the International Ski Federation (FIS) for slalom and big slalom competitions. On the southern part of Erzurum, Palandöken is at an altitude of 3,176 meters. It is suitable for skiing over five months in the year. Added to these, with the quality of its snow and its long runways, it is one of the most important ski resorts in the world. Erzurum hosted the 25th World University Winter Games in 2011. Thereafter it became one of the new attractions of the world winter tourism. The tracks in Palandöken are among the longest and steepest in the world, which even allowed it to host the winter Olympics. It is ranked 18th among 41 ski centers in the world, by New York Times. It starts to snow around October-November in Erzurum. The ski season starts in November, and takes place until the end of April. Palandöken has “powder snow,” which allows for skiing, and this type of snow prevails all during the ski seasons due to the climate. Palandöken Ski Resort is located between 2,000 and 3,176 meters. There are 10 chairlifts, one platter lift, two baby lift and one gondola lift. You can reach Ejder Hill with a 1,000-meter climb on the gondola lift. There are seven easy, eight medium, professional (hard) and four natural runways in Palandöken. In all the runways, 12,000 people can ski at the same time. Palandöken Ski Resort offers Alpine discipline and ultimately suitable runways for snowboarding. In addition to skiing, the resort is an alternative for different types of tourism such as paragliding, mountaineering, snowtube and paintball. With the natural park around, it is a spot for trips, picnics and cruising during all seasons. Palandöken is also a center for congress tourism. The ski resort has avalanche protection and artificial snow systems. It is only five kilometers away from the modern hospitals in Erzurum, a city of hospitals. Skiers of all levels can benefit from Palandöken Ski Resort. There are two five star, one four star, one three star, and one two star hotels. Many two and three star hotels can be found in the city center. The resort is 15 kilometers away from the airport, and four kilometers from the city center. During the holidays, transportation to the resort is provided by Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality on buses. On regular days, only cars and taxis provide transportation services to the resort.

Transfer Details:


Erzurum Ski Center  4 km, Erzurum Airport 16 km with Palandoken Ski Resort Ejder3200 
İstanbul-Erzurum : 1 hour 50 min THY, Anadolu Jet, Pegasus
Ankara-Erzurum : 1 hour 25 min Anadolu Jet
İzmir-Erzurum : 2 hour Sun Express
Antalya-Erzurum : 3 hour (with 2 flights) Sun Express, THY, Anadolu Jet, Pegasus


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The ski resort Palandöken (Ejder 3200 World Ski Center) is located in the Eastern Anatolia Region (Turkey). For skiing and snowboarding, there are 43 km of slopes available. 13 lifts transport the guests. The winter sports area is situated between the elevations of 2,200 and 3,176 m.

All lifts/cable cars Palandöken (Ejder 3200 World Ski Center)
Directly to: All ski lifts in detail
Number of ski lifts
Total capacity
15390 Passengers/hour
Total lift length
15.1    km Total

2 Circulating ropeway/gondola liftDetails
11 ChairliftDetails
Other types of ascension mechanisms

3 People mover

Runs/ski slopes Palandöken (Ejder 3200 World Ski Center)
Task    x
val0    19
val1    11
val2    13
43 km
Easy    19 km (44 %)
Intermediate    11 km (26 %)
Difficult    13 km (30 %)
Worth knowing
Valley run available
Snow park/Fun park
Night skiing
Night skiing offered 

Lift name

2pers. Chairlift (fixed-grip)
Ski resort
Palandöken (Ejder 3200 World Ski Center)
Asia Turkey Eastern Anatolia
Year of construction
Base station
2500 m
Top station
3125 m
625 m1778 m
2.50 metres per second
Transit time
approx. 13 minutes
Carrying capacity
940 people per hour

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